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A naturally grown sea sponge (lat.: Porifera) is actually the complex skeleton of a very small marine species (Dictyoceratida) which grows in colonies on the ocean floor.

The soft sponge material consists of hollow enclosures and channels formed by a matrix of highly elastic "Spongin" fibres, a type of natural collagen protein.

Sea sponges are natural products, free of harmful chemicals. They are perfect for gentle purification of every type of skin and safe to use even on sensitive or baby skin. The use of natural sea sponges for facial cleaning and make up removal is highly recommended and can help to reduce skin irritations.

We recommend to use only natural sea sponges for bathing and personal skin care. Sea sponges help to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin without disturbing the skins natural balance.The result is a gentle, thorough and healthy cleaning experience.

Synthetic sponges have often been found contaminated with a chemical substance called Triclosan, which is classified by the international health organizations as a pesticide. Most synthetic sponges are made of polyurethane with added chemicals to foam them up. Our planet is harmed by the high expose of plastic. Using more natural products is an important share that every consumer can contribute.

Sea sponges are regrowing, renewable, natural material. There are over 9000 sponge species from which only a dozen is suitable for commercial use.

Natural sea sponges are very durable, long lasting high quality products.Specific types of sea sponges can even be used for car washing, window cleaning, ceramic tile cleaning, wall painting and decoration.

Enjoy Your Healthy Skin, Enjoy a Healthy Planet.

Honeycomb Sponges

The Honeycomb is famous as the King of Natural Sea Sponges.
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Silk Sponges

Silk and Fine Silk are premium quality natural sea sponges..
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Grass Sponges

Grass Sponges are a very common basic type of natural sea sponges.
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Deco Grass

Decoration Grass Sponges are handpicked in the deep waters of Caribbean Sea.
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Yellow Sponges

Yellow Sponges are well known for their aesthetic round shape.
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Hardhead Sponges

Hardhead Sponges are known for their eye-catching irregular shapes.
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Wool Sponges

Wool Sponges are very similar to Honeycomb Sponges.
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Coral Reefs

They are specifically suitable for makeup application and facial wash.
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